Here you will find my various projects:


Flatpress is an opensource flat-file blogging platform, here are some bits an bobs I’ve done for it:

SimplePie (feed parser) plugin

I have been working on my PHP skills and have created a flatpress plugin that parses a feed and displays it as a list. It uses the SimplePie class. It’s been tested here and seems to work well. There is a small amount of configuration that needs to be done but otherwise it’s simple to use and it can be edited to suit your needs.

Download the SimplePie FlatPress plugin

FlatMistyLook Theme

The theme

The theme is based on the MistyLook theme created by sadish. A live preview you ask, your looking at it. This site has been running it since I moved to flatpress.


To install unzip the “FlatMistyLook” file and open the newly extracted file; inside you will find another file called “FlatMistyLook”. Upload this to your fp-interface/themes directory. Log into your blog and go to “Themes”, select “FlatMistyLook”.


All I ask is that the Links in the footer to both and wpthemes stays intact. If you require support with the theme please contact me by leaving a comment or contacting at sneakatron[at]



Here are some software projects I have worked on:

Desktop Background Switcher

DBS is the first program I have written in visual C#. Its purpose is a simple one; to change the background of the desktop after a set amount of time. Yes, I know there are other applications out there that do exactly the same job but there are a number of reasons that I created my own:

  • Because I wanted to learn visual C#
  • Because most of the applications have features in them that either wanted or needed
  • Because this way I know what crap is running in the background when I’m working

It has been tested on both Windows XP and Vista. Tested with .PNG, .JPG , .GIF, and .BMP.

Requires the latest version of the .NET framework.

If you discover any bugs. Please contact me
How It’s Used

It’s easy to use. Just follow these steps:

  • Get your images and through them into a folder stored somewhere on your hard drive
  • Click the browse button and select the folder
  • Let the application do the rest

An extra feature I added is the ability to change the time (in minuets) between wallpaper changes.



To find my web projects please take a look at my other website

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