Me, in the great hall

A blurry picture of me, in the great hall

‘sneakatron’ is nonsense. It’s my online handle. It’s a derivative of a nickname…It’s a long story.

As much as I hate to bang on about myself, you are on the ‘about’ page, so I presume, with much arrogance, that you want to know about me. Well, tough cookies. If you want to know about me, then you’ll just have to trudge through the post on my blog. It’s not, that I don’t want to share who I am. Oh, no. Don’t for a second believe that I’m not as self-centred, narcissistic and vain as everyone else. It’s just that, quite frankly, my vital statics would bore you to tears. I believe that your personality shines through what you do and say. And what I say, is on my blog. So if you want to know me. Read. Comment. Email. Create a video of you performing an interpretive dance. Just interact. Let’s talk. Let’s be friends..or enemies. Above all, let’s have fun.

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