Britain in a day

Last night was the premier of ‘Britain in a day’. A crowd sourced film that follows in the footsteps of ‘Life in a day’; produced by the BBC in cohorts with Youtube. People all over Britain filmed their day, on 12 November 2011 and then sent it in. The video’s were then sliced, diced and edited together  to create a one and half hour film that means to represent the life of your average Britain.

Between the Welsh farmer giving, a rather sad-looking cow, an enema; the bearded homosexual ‘cruising’ in a forest and some toffs fox-hunting; the film had some genuine heart warming and heart breaking moments. There was a big focus on family, which make sense, with family being an intrinsically important of everyone’s life.

Not wanting to ruin anything for anyone interested in watching the film, I’ll just say this, ‘Britain in a day’ is captivating. Not in a ‘car crash’ type of way either. It’s fascinating. check it out on iPlayer.

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