Header images and expensive hobbies

Seeing as I’ve had difficulty getting my arse in gear to create a new design for this excuse of a website; I’ve added a couple of custom headers. The first one (the one with the lake) was taken on holiday in Cumbria a couple of years ago. The second (the forest path) was taken in the new forest.

Photography for me is an interest, verging on a hobby. Though the best way to describe my relationship with photography could be compared to falling asleep in front of the snooker on a Sunday afternoon, or playing darts. It’s just a pass time. But, I would very much like to do more of it. Take it up as a proper hobby. Proclaim to the world “I am a photographer!” It’s just that, photography is an expensive hobby to have. I mean, you can’t get really good, inspiring, thought-provoking photos with a simple point and shoot. Can you? Well, if you can. I’ve not seen any.

I’m not entirely sure what this meandering, rambling post is about. But I needed filler, whilst I wait for inspiration to hit. Giving me the ability to write a post so incredibly awesome, it will knock your frilly knickers off.

Until then. Laters.

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