The Demise of Guy

‘The demise of guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It’ is a book about the problems the male sex is facing in areas such as social interaction and romantic relationships.

The title should really be ‘The demise of guys: how porn and video game addiction is making men socially isolated, objectifying woman and making them violent’. It’s a long title, but that’s really the entire book summed up. All that’s missing is some statistics and opinion pieces.

I’m not trying to undermine the work that went into the research. In fact, ‘the demise of guys’ is really interesting and rather short. But, most of the statements made are obvious. If a guy spends all his time in his room, playing with his joystick, or playing with his other joystick, of course he’s likely to be socially inept in some form or another. Being bad with woman is an extension of the effects of social isolation and the fact that porn treats woman as mere objects. Teaching men that woman are just thrown aside after achieving gratification. Of course, woman are not objects, and you treat them so, you’ll get nowhere with them.

I don’t buy the idea that videogames make people violence. I accept the fact that videogames can increase the aggressiveness of people. But, they have to already have a predisposition towards violence in the first place. Videogames are not responsible for causing deranged maniacs to go out and shoot people. If that were the case, we’d be living in a Police state by now; due to the fact that every John Doe will be out killing. Besides, not every videogame is violent. You don’t see Italian plumbers go about jumping on turtles and eating magic mushrooms, just because they played Mario. Neither do you see adolescents throwing gulls at pigs down at the local farmers action. The moment these things begin to happen, then I will agree that videogames are a cause of some genuine damage to society. Until then, I will continue to believe that violent people are violent because that is the way they were born and taught.

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Britain in a day

Last night was the premier of ‘Britain in a day’. A crowd sourced film that follows in the footsteps of ‘Life in a day’; produced by the BBC in cohorts with Youtube. People all over Britain filmed their day, on 12 November 2011 and then sent it in. The video’s were then sliced, diced and edited together  to create a one and half hour film that means to represent the life of your average Britain.

Between the Welsh farmer giving, a rather sad-looking cow, an enema; the bearded homosexual ‘cruising’ in a forest and some toffs fox-hunting; the film had some genuine heart warming and heart breaking moments. There was a big focus on family, which make sense, with family being an intrinsically important of everyone’s life.

Not wanting to ruin anything for anyone interested in watching the film, I’ll just say this, ‘Britain in a day’ is captivating. Not in a ‘car crash’ type of way either. It’s fascinating. check it out on iPlayer.

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Header images and expensive hobbies

Seeing as I’ve had difficulty getting my arse in gear to create a new design for this excuse of a website; I’ve added a couple of custom headers. The first one (the one with the lake) was taken on holiday in Cumbria a couple of years ago. The second (the forest path) was taken in the new forest.

Photography for me is an interest, verging on a hobby. Though the best way to describe my relationship with photography could be compared to falling asleep in front of the snooker on a Sunday afternoon, or playing darts. It’s just a pass time. But, I would very much like to do more of it. Take it up as a proper hobby. Proclaim to the world “I am a photographer!” It’s just that, photography is an expensive hobby to have. I mean, you can’t get really good, inspiring, thought-provoking photos with a simple point and shoot. Can you? Well, if you can. I’ve not seen any.

I’m not entirely sure what this meandering, rambling post is about. But I needed filler, whilst I wait for inspiration to hit. Giving me the ability to write a post so incredibly awesome, it will knock your frilly knickers off.

Until then. Laters.

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